Exciting Announcement: My children’s books have achieved top rankings on Amazon! Today, I’m thrilled to share that two titles (Misha ABC and Misha Spain) have secured number 1 and number 2 spots in their categories.

To mark this occasion, I am offering a FREE ebook as a token of appreciation. Until midnight on Saturday, May 18, you can download the “Misha the Travelling Puppy ABC” title for free!

Embark on a captivating adventure with “Misha the Travelling Puppy ABC”, a book designed to educate and entertain children. Each letter of the alphabet represents a different country, providing a delightful exploration of various cultures through rhyming text and iconic facts.

With wonderful illustrations, this book serves as an ideal introduction to both the alphabet and global geography for children aged 3-7. Enjoy this enchanting journey for young minds now.

Misha and her adorable companions travel from Australia to Zimbabwe, fostering global awareness and enhancing literacy skills through the ABC. The Special Edition includes six complimentary coloring pages, adding an extra element of interactivity to Misha’s adventures!

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