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Alaya Books is a one-stop-shop for your writing and publishing needs. Whether your story is just a distant idea, or your writing is not progressing as you wish, or you have a finished manuscript tucked away in a drawer… Whatever stage you are at, we can help you. We want to ensure you reach your writing goals, and look forward to advise you every step of the way.

Natalia Hooker

Founder of Alaya Books


Let us help you reach your writing goals. We can work together to solidify your book ideas and offer you techniques to get your creativity flowing. If you are new to writing, you can use our IQ method (interviews and questionnaires) to inspire you. You will have your first book draft finished before you know it.

This is what I said to Natalia when I felt at an impasse and she helped me get to the other side:

I just want to tell you how fabulous you are and to thank you for all your help and enthusiasm. You’ve been amazing!” 

I can count on Natalia for sound advice and to inject that extra pizzazz for inspiration. Can’t recommend her highly enough!’

Sonya Van de Graaff

London, UK

Consulting Services

Let us help you make your book idea into a reality. Books can take many different forms. We will discuss the format that best suits your book and create a plan for your book’s creation. Do you need an accountability buddy? We can assist you by working on a draft schedule and check in with you regularly to make sure you reach your goals.

Natalia, you are simply amazing! I really appreciate your guidance and expertise. I feel you have taken me to a new level as an author. Thank you so much!

Rachael Tarfman-Perez

California, USA

Editing Services

Let us help you take your manuscript to the next level. We will review your manuscript and advise what type of editing you require. We can match you with the right editor or book coach. Finally, we can help you take your manuscript to its final and polished form, ready for publication.

Working with Natalia is such an incredibly rewarding experience. She went above and beyond to ensure that everything I had written was perfect. Not only did she help me improve my writing skills, but she has also provided me with such valuable insight on how to make my writing stand out in a more professional way. I must say that I feel deeply grateful knowing that I have found someone who I will always be able to count on for professional editing services. I highly recommend Natalia – five stars!

Isabel Monte

Lisbon, Portugal

Publishing Services

Let us help you get your book out to the world. Publishing is a minefield these days for authors. We will demystify the traditional and self-publishing options to help you work out what is best for you. We can discuss marketing and how to reach your audience. Alaya Books also publish a select number of suitable books each year.

Natalia has gone above and beyond to help make my children’s book a product that I am proud to release. She has always responded promptly and communicated clearly, with patience and care. Thank you Natalia for all of your help!

Amy Kuruvilla

Melbourne, Australia

”Natalia’s writing tips gave me wings!”  Nermina de Wildt

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