Today I want to talk about the importance of reading. We get so busy writing, and reading is considered a luxury, but, if we want to look at it in a positive way, as a writer or budding author, reading is a necessity. It’s not about lazing around and reading on a sunny Sunday, but it’s about being up to date with books in your genre, knowing what is out there, and learning from the masters who have written before you. Not to mention, expanding our vocabulary, getting into the flow and inspiring writing ideas.

So what do you want for Christmas? My Christmas wish for myself is to find time, well perhaps better said, to make time, to read. Read slowly and with care the manuscripts that come by my desk, but also to read all the fabulous books out there in the world and, one by one, enjoy devouring them!

My Christmas gift to you is, as a writing coach, to advise you to read. So, here you have a red carpet, the best excuse ever, to read your heart out!

To celebrate the holidays, I have these three books which were released this week. They all make great gifts. Please see this link for more information. Your support is appreciated!

Enjoy your reading, and the merriness of the holiday season. I can’t wait to be in touch in 2024.