As an aspiring author, you likely have many book ideas whirling in your head. The question is, what should you write about first?

The answer is going to come from a pure business standpoint.

Write the book that comes easiest to you. Many budding authors are sitting on a book that is already written. YES, ALREADY WRITTEN. How is this possible, you ask?

What is highly suggested for you as a business owner or expert in your field, is to write a non-fiction book about what you already know best – your area of expertise. Not only will this book herald you as the professional “go-to” person in your field, but it will quite often be one of the easiest books you will ever write.

You know the information and, usually, you already have the material. View your files and see what you share with clients. Have you created courses about your specialised field? That is a gold mine. But even if the information is not in a written form, it’s knowledge that you use every day for work. Now it’s time to share that knowledge.

Alyssa Brade, mother of two toddlers and with a full-time job, found herself completely burnt out… but came out of it thriving. Alyssa decided to write a book about her experience to help other mothers. The outcome? “Mommy Needs a Minute: From Burnout to Empowerment” is an award-winning book and also an Amazon #1 bestseller.

Apart from the opportunity to have book sales online or at events, the benefits of creating a book about what you know are:

• You have the material
• You have the knowledge
• You can give parts of the book away to attract new clients and followers
• You can use sections of the book as subscriber emails and social media posts
• The book makes you the expert in your field
• It’s an opportunity for potential clients to get to “know” you
• A book is the most powerful business card – people keep books
• You will strengthen your bio and credibility by adding “published author” to your name

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