An incredibly inspiring author interviewed on Alaya Books Insights is Blake Kendall. He has written a memoir/family history that is poetic and mesmerizing. In a fascinating interview with Blake, he says that he co-wrote the book with his deceased mother. He sat under a tree and listened to the wind. On reading his pages, I had the feeling it was written with magic. The book is called, ‘Those Bloody Trees’.

I know it can be hard to move out of ourselves to find such inspiration, but if we get out of our usual routine and are open to connecting with nature, it can help ignite our creativity. Here are some suggestions as to how to do this.

Start by seeking quiet. Take a walk on the grass with shoes off, or a stroll along the beach barefoot. Listen to the wind, the soft squelching of the grass beneath your feet, or the rhythmic ebb of the waves. Sit under the branches of a majestic old tree. Enjoy the stillness. Breathe. Soak up the sun or fresh air on your face and feel a flood of gratitude for being where you are. Open up your journal and write.

As an alternative to a journal, you can record some thoughts on the voice memo app of your phone, or use your phone dictation function. Don’t follow any particular train of thought, see where your words take you. Listen well, look around, smell, touch – use all your senses to explore what it’s like to be “here and now”. Taste the freshness around you and let it take you on an internal journey.

If you don’t feel like writing, simply enjoy and savour the moment. You can always write about it later.

‘Those Bloody Trees’ is a masterpiece of rich, poetic prose that draws in the reader from the first page. Blake Kendall said he wrote it in a trance, seated against a tree for 4-5 hours at a time, writing without a break, and always listening. This compelling narrative, seen through the eyes of Blake’s ancestors’ matriarchs, begins in the Basque country of Spain in 1830 before journeying to Australia where they settle on the land of the First Nations people.

Growing up, Blake was captivated by the vivid tales of his family’s past shared by his mother. After her battle with cancer came to an end, Blake took it upon himself to fulfil his mother’s dream by creating the book she always wanted to write. ‘Those Bloody Trees’ is not just a story; it’s an exploration of the deep, complex ties that bind us to the land and each other across generations and cultures. It’s a journey into the heart of what it means to seek connection in a place marked by the footsteps of those who came before.

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