Every time you sit down to write, you are building your skills and developing your voice as a writer. Remember, even if you write just ten minutes a day, it’s a big step in the right direction. Every word on the page is bringing you closer to your goal. Keep going!

Last week, Alaya Books Insights interviewed a very interesting writer. Alyssa Brade has a full-time job, toddlers aged 2 and 3, and a busy household to manage. She had a yearning to write books, so she decided to wake up early each day while the house was quiet and write 500 words. She said that if she set more words as her goal it might make her daunted and not do it, so she needed to keep the goal realistic. And… less than four years later, she has two full novels and a non-fiction book completed and ready for publication. The books are brilliant!

Alyssa said that with writing only 500 words, at first progress seemed slow, but as she reached the end of the first year she could see the results. Slowly but surely she was getting there and her first book had started to take shape. I think this is a wonderful approach that I advocate a lot, and it is a good inspiration for those aspiring writers who a juggling many roles or jobs. See the interview here.

What are your writing goals? If you write 500 words without fail for one month, you will have 15,000 words. Make that 3 months, and you will have 45,000 words which is the length of many non-fiction books. Make that 4 months and you will have 60,000 words, which is the length of many novels. Let’s make your first draft happen!