If you have a burning ambition to write, you must go for it. Let’s create a clever plan to make it happen.

My advice is, don’t give up your day job. Keep the stability of an income coming in. Financial stress can be a killer to creativity.

And, you MUST have your writing objectives super clear.

Otherwise, what can happen is that you don’t push forward with your writing because you are busy with work, or don’t have time, or any other excuses that crop up. If you want to be a writer, you just HAVE to write and make it happen.

So, wake up at 6am and do an hour of writing before work, OR write during your lunch break, or write at night before sleeping. But make sure you do it.

Visualize your book. Remind yourself daily of your dream to be a writer, and have your future life as an author clear in your mind’s eye. What will your life look like when you are a full-time writer? Flesh out this wonderful, ideal image and also put it into words on a page.

When you get closer to your goal, perhaps you can negotiate to work part-time to free up your schedule. You will be amazed how supportive people around you can be once they know your plans. Share your dream with your nearest and dearest.

Can’t visualize yourself sustaining your life as an author? Note that making money as an author can involve many different income streams outside of royalties from book sales. Some examples are creating online courses, giving workshops, or offering coaching services. Also, speaking events, and school or university visits can be paid. There are many different ways to get creative about making an income as an author. The first step is to believe in yourself.

Try this affirmation – said in the present tense so you feel it has already happened:

“I am a successful writer.”

Wishing you a fabulously productive rest of the week.