We have a lot of stress in our lives. Our jobs, family commitments, keeping up with errands, travel, caring for loved ones, food shopping, washing clothes… We are so busy running around that we often forget to care for ourselves.

Alaya Books Insights is very pleased to announce a new book that will be out on the market soon that can help us regroup, come back to ourselves and have a sense of purpose in life. ‘The Transcendental Entrepreneur’ is a concise handbook for people with busy lives who are looking for balance and fulfilment. Author Adriana Barba talks about the importance of self-care and finding a place of peace in our routines to ensure optimal efficiency. Written by Adriana, an advisor for investors in Europe, with the assistance of a well-known doctor in quantum physics.

Adriana has written a life-changing book that touches on her journey as a stressed-out business owner feeling a lack of purpose, to finding the right balance in her day-to-day routine to make her job both enjoyable and sustainable.

In an exclusive interview, she discusses some techniques to try:

  1. Sleep well. Do not push yourself into exhaustion. Always find time for 8 hours of sleep at night so you are at top performing capacity.
  2. Start each morning with meditation. Depending on your needs, it can be deep breathing to start the day more grounded, or a more specific meditation to set an intention to reach certain goals for the day.
  3. Do not look at your mobile phone as soon as you wake up. It’s suggested to start the day off slow, have some water, eat breakfast, and then start the tasks such as looking at messages.
  4. Rituals. The importance of your daily rituals such as showering, dressing, eating in peace….
  5. Ensure you eat a good breakfast and don’t miss meals throughout the day.
  6. Ensure you have breaks between meetings. At least 15 minutes to regroup and ground before your next meeting starts.

In her book, Adriana focuses on how important such practices are for business people to achieve optimal results, but I also see the importance of this for my daughter who is four. I know that my little girl is happiest if she eats well and regularly, and has a good night’s sleep. If not, I see her get out of balance, grumpy, teary… To enjoy seeing her at her best, it’s a priority that my daughter eats well and sleeps well. But, the question is, what about me? I don’t care for myself as well as I care for my daughter! I need to implement the techniques in Adriana’s book.

Nurture your inner child; nurture yourself.

I urge you to write about your thoughts on this now and make goals for your self-care routine. How do you take care of yourself? How can you take better care of yourself? Part of your new routine can include daily journaling.

Wishing you a super productive week, with the right mindset.

Watch the interview with Adriana here.