If you don’t feel your writing is flowing, look at your writing tools. By writing tools I mean, what you are using to write. Are you writing on your computer? Chances are the answer is yes. But sometimes it’s not the right place to write because you have emails coming from work, or you have your work papers around you, or possibly tax paperwork to do… all the kinds of things that are not conducive to a creative mind.

If you LOVE to write on your computer, great. But, why not take your computer out onto your balcony, or to a café, or to another cosy spot that might inspire you more? Even if it’s just to move from your desk chair to a comfortable armchair, it might help you change to your “writer’s cap”.

Another point to note is that handwriting is the most creative way to write. It can be time-consuming to later have to transcribe the words onto your computer, but if you are feeling a bit blocked, consider handwriting to get the creative juices flowing. Remember too that now there are dictate functions on phones and in Word, so transcribing has been made easier.

In last week’s Insights interview, Karen Hughes shared how she writes the first drafts of her fantasy books in a beautiful journal. This week on Insights, I am thrilled to share with you a very special interview with Amy Kuruvilla. She is passionate about helping children in India and has created a school curriculum called ‘The Road to Respect’. When it came to writing her memorable tale about a goldfish, ‘The Fish That Wanted to Fly’, she revealed that the writing process was very quick. This endearing story has captured the hearts of children in India and beyond.

What will you be writing about today? For more free tips to help you on your writing journey, please see here.

Please join us now for this inspiring interview with Amy. ‘The Fish That Wanted to Fly’ invites us into the world of Sanjeev, a curious goldfish from India. One bright day, Sanjeev spots a majestic eagle gliding through the sky and dreams of flying too. Despite his efforts, things don’t unfold as he hopes, but he discovers a powerful truth: “Sometimes we want to be like others, but the best thing is to be ourselves.”

Amy Kuruvilla crafted this heart-warming tale while shaping ‘The Road to Respect,’ a transformative school program designed to dismantle the cycle of gender-based violence in India through the power of education. Book proceeds go towards funding ‘The Road to Respect’. Amy is also giving this book as a special gift to children in India. Please join us for this interview with Amy to hear about her writing journey to create her books and her passion for the incredible work that she is doing with school children in India.

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