We are delighted to announce the launch of the Alaya Books Insights author interview video series.

Our passion for real-life stories and personal experiences has led us to create a platform where we can engage directly with authors through concise, 15-20 minute interviews. The Insights series features conversations with authors from around the world, offering a unique glimpse into their creative processes and inspirations.

To inaugurate the series, we are thrilled to present an interview with Karen Hughes whose masterful storytelling brings to life a magical world across five books, chronicling the extraordinary journey of two unlikely companions as they unravel ancient enchantments.

Hailed as the successor to the Harry Potter phenomenon, ‘Kalika Magic’ reveals a world of wonder and danger. From the dawn of time, the Kalika people have shared a deep, magical bond with the earth and its mystical creatures, but this ancient wisdom is slipping away. Now under threat by a malevolent sorcerer, the fate of the Kalika rests on the shoulders of an unsuspecting young hero, making for an enthralling narrative that captivates audiences aged 9+. View the interview with Karen here.

In our exclusive interview with Karen, she unveils the essence of the Kalika saga, shares insights into her storytelling techniques, and expresses her joy in nurturing young authors through her writing workshops.

An extract from the acclaimed Kalika Magic series by Karen Hughes:

Indie climbed out of bed and tiptoed down the hill. The moon cast a clear white light through the trees, showing her the path down to the sand.

For a few moments she stood before the chest, watching the moonlight as it made a sparkling pool on the lid. Then she reached out and put her hands in the pool.

A faint whisper came from the chest, ‘Ki-somma. Kokomi ki-somma.

Fighting the urge to snatch her hand away, she tapped the wood tentatively. Nothing happened. She tapped harder. There was a hollow thud and a groan, and then silence.

Curiosity swamped her fear and she began to pound on the lid with her fists. Aunty Mai will kill me, she thought. But I don’t care. I don’t care! I have to know about the boy.

The pool of light shimmered and swirled. The whisper grew louder, ‘Ki-somma. Kokomi ki-somma.

A ribbon of smoke wound its way through the keyhole.

The lock shuddered and fell to the ground.

Slowly the lid began to rise and in fascination, Indie leaned over the edge. She could see nothing. Black, empty nothing.

No … wait.

She leaned further, gasping as the world fell away beneath her eyes. Inside the chest was a tunnel, and a staircase leading down into the darkness.

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