We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new imprint, Alaya Books for Children, in response to the high demand for our children’s books.

In the publishing world, an imprint represents the brand under which a book is published. Choosing a reputable imprint is like selecting a trusted brand, which assures quality. Alaya Books for Children is synonymous with quality, education, and entertainment. Our goal is to enrich children’s learning experience.

We are very excited to promote and expand this new imprint and invite you to join us in our journey to bring new titles, competitions, great prizes, wonderful gift ideas, and a lot more. Last night, we unveiled our new @alayabooksforchildren Instagram account. Kindly follow this link to stay connected with us. Your support will be highly appreciated.

And, if you’re interested to know the story behind our adorable mascot in the logo, let me share it with you.

A few months ago, a tiny black kitten was found near my daughter’s school. We welcomed her into our family, but later found out that cats usually need feline companionship. So, we adopted a beautiful grey tabby through an animal rescue agency. Now, we have two purring kittens, Kiki and Tigi, who coincidentally share the same size, weight, and birthday!

Here is a photo of Tigi, soaking up the Spanish sun here in Barcelona. We hope you like him on the Alaya Books for Children logo.

As always, Alaya Books is the go-to place for free writing tips, inspiration, and any help you may need on your writing journey. We look forward to serving you.